Detailed Instructions:

1. Buy charts

You must first purchase charts for download from

  • Go to Browse for charts, add to your cart, create an account and purchase using your credit card.
  • You must own a LightHouse 3 (v3.0 or later), LightHouse II (v11 or later) or for Dragonfly (v9 or later) Raymarine chartplotter.
  • Other plotters will not work with charts purchased from this site.
  • If you select only free charts, you will not be asked for your credit card details.

  • 2. Initialize a microSD card

    Any microSD card you wish to use to store your charts must first be initialized.

  • Plug in a blank microSD into any (powered up) LightHouse 3 (v3.0 or later), LightHouse II (v11 or later) or for Dragonfly (v9 or later) compatible Raymarine chartplotter and remove it.
  • A file will be automatically written to the card named Lighhouse_id.txt. If the file Lighthouse_id.txt is not present on the card, it cannot be used to download charts purchased from
  • Any leading brand of microSD card may be used, provided it has been Initialized for use with LightHouse charts.
  • Use a 32 GB microSD card to ensure enough space to fit any downloadable chart.
  • Ensure your microSD card has been formatted to FAT32.
  • 3. Download your charts

    LightHouse Manager will allow you to download LightHouse charts from the store to a microSD card for use with a compatible Raymarine chartplotter.

  • Ensure you have the latest version of LightHouse Manager Software (download for Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 here | download for Mac OSX here).
  • Launch LightHouse Manager.
  • Enter your login credentials (email and password).
  • If you have forgotten your password or would like to create a new user account, you may click on the links next to the text boxes.
  • A list of LightHouse charts which you have previously purchased in will be listed. This list should contain all the charts that are associated with your account.
  • Click on the Download button on the desired product row to begin the chart download.
  • Click the Cancel Download button to pause/cancel the download.
  • Only one chart set may be downloaded at a time.
  • Chart files are very large. A fast and reliable internet connection is required.
  • All files must be in the root folder of the microSD card.
  • More than one chart may be downloaded to the same microSD card, space permitting.

  • 4. Use your charts!

    Insert the microSD card with the downloaded chart into your plotter for use.

  • Insert the card containing the downloaded charts into a compatible chartplotter
  • Ensure you are on the Charts screen (select Home, then Charts)
  • Select Menu on the Charts screen
  • Select Presentation
  • Select Chart Selection
  • A list of available charts will appear
  • Select the downloaded chart you wish to open

  • Troubleshooting:

    If you cannot view your LightHouse charts on your chartplotter, the most common reasons are:

  • You attempted to initialize your microSD card in a plotter which was not running LightHouse 3 (v3.0 or later), LightHouse II (v11 or later) or for Dragonfly (v9 or later) software. Upgrade your plotter to the latest LightHouse II firmware.
  • The microSD card has not been initialized. See step 2 above.
  • The chart was not downloaded for YOUR specific microSD card (charts are locked to the microSD card via the initialization process, and you can only download a purchased chart to a maximum of two microSD cards.)
  • The .rx5 or .rxk files are missing from the root folder of the microSD card or corrupt. Re-download your chart(s).
  • The microSD card has not been formatted for FAT32. Refer to your Windows or Mac support matierials to learn how to format an miscroSD card to FAT32.
  • Your microSD card is faulty. Use another name brand SD card.

  • Some Mac OS X configurations may have Parental Controls or Gatekeeper settings that block use of Lighthouse Manager. For example, if the Lighthouse Manager indicates your account login email and/or password are incorrect, you may need to click the Apple icon | System Preferences | Users & Groups | Account, unlock for editing, and then adjust the Parental Controls to allow use of Lighthouse Manager app. If the Lighthouse Manager does not open at all, you may need to adjust Gatekeeper settings as advised at

    For further help, contact