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Set 10: Lake Constance

These fantastic high colour raster charts for the leisure market have been produced by Delius Klasing Verlag GmbH to be used by the yachtsmen who love an easy, precise set of charts that can be used on their supported Raymarine Plotters. Licensed by the Hydrographic Offices when available, they are using most precise data.

All depth and heights are displayed in meter and the colour graduation and fine contours make them easy to use. We used light blue for the depth below 5 meter (15ft), a clear to see red for the 2 meter line (6ft) and blue for the depth below 2 meter (6ft). Please be aware that for some chart sets , especially the Scandinavian ones, the colour code defines different depths, such as light blue and blue for depth under 6 (18ft) meter and under 3 (9ft) meter, red is now the 3 meter (9ft) line.

The buoys are clearly visible due to the coloured and contrasting symbols and make for a quick interpretation of the data at any time, where as an overview is achieved by the passage charts.

The red numbers for waypoints have coordinates based on WSG 84, which enables you to compare with the GPS instruments using the waypoint list included in the printed Delius Klasing-Sportbootkarten chart set.

The specially chosen larger scalings make for secure navigation around the main waterways and close to the coastline and there are detailed harbour plans in largest scales.

With these paperless charts on your plotter you can seamlessly zoom in and out through the different scaling for a vector like experience which is similar to your familiar raster charts, so you have all the benefits of the paper charts in a less cumbersome format. For total piece of mind and comfort use both combined: the paper charts and the same digital chart with exactly the same picture and layout.

This product is compatible only with Lighthouse II or Lighthouse III supporting Raymarine Plotters and Raymarine Voyage Planner. This is a downloadable product.

After purchase, use the LightHouse Manager to download to an Initialized micro SD card for use on a supported plotter. For use on Voyage Planner, download directly onto the software.

To Initialize a microSD card, plug in a blank microSD into any (powered-up) Lighthouse II (v11 or later) or Dragonfly (v9 or later) compatible Raymarine chartplotter and remove it. A file will be automatically written to the card named Lighhouse_id.txt. If the file Lighthouse_id.txt is not present on the card, it cannot be used to download charts purchased from

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