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Florida (East Coast), the Bahamas, & Bermuda

Florida (East Coast), the Bahamas, and Bermuda

This nv charts collection, produced by Nautical Publications, is especially made with the requirements of yachtsman in mind. These brilliant, high-color raster charts are for use on your Raymarine Lighthouse II supporting plotters.

  • Fine contours and easy to distinguish color graduations of the depth line: turquoise for coral reefs, red for the 2 meter (6 feet) line and blue for the 6 meter (18 feet) line
  • Well marked rivers, towns and street plans all help to give a clear overall view of the shore side facilities
  • Heights and depths are given in the internationally accepted format of meters (only Region 8.2 have feet)
  • Red numbers waypoints with coordinates based on WGS 84 enable yachtsmen to compare with their GPS instruments
  • Coastal charts have scales for secure navigation
  • Passage charts give overviews
  • Many details and harbours are included in large scales
  • Large-scale approaches and land contour markings simplify the entrance into anchorages

All the benefits of paper charts, minus the paper. Pan from chart to chart seamlessly and zoom in and out through charts at different scales for a vector-like experience with the familiar look and feel of raster charts.

This product is compatible only with Lighthouse II supporting Raymarine Plotters and Raymarine Voyage Planner. This is a downloadable product.

After purchase, use the LightHouse Manager to download to an Initialized micro SD card for use on a supported plotter. For use on Voyage Planner, download directly onto the software.

To Initialize a microSD card, plug in a blank microSD into any (powered-up) Lighthouse II (v11 or later) or Dragonfly (v9 or later) compatible Raymarine chartplotter and remove it. A file will be automatically written to the card named Lighhouse_id.txt. If the file Lighthouse_id.txt is not present on the card, it cannot be used to download charts purchased from

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