Theyr Premium Globetrotter (Monthly)

Low-resolution: Global 1.0° ; (120km) x 3 hour or x 6 hour x 1-6 days. Model: GFS

High-resolution: Global 0.1° ; (12km) x 1 hour or x 3 hour x 1-6 days. Model: WRF-NMM

Unlimited GRIB downloads.

Data Type:

  • Wind speed & direction
  • Air pressure
  • Air temperature
  • Precipitation
  • Wind + Pressure + Precipitation
  • Wind + Wave
  • Wave height, period, & direction (WW3)
  • Sea surface temperature (1.0° and 0.083°)
  • NEXRAD (USA and portions of Canada and Caribbean)
  • Tidal Stream (NOC) 0.02 degree (North-west Europe)

For better value, subscribe to the Theyr Globetrotter Annual subscription.

Required: (i) Raymarine Multi-function Display compatible with Lighthouse II v17 software or later (ii) Purchase of this Theyr subscription (iii) Internet connection for weather data download (data is saved for later offline access). This subscription does NOT work with Raymarine plotters running Lighthouse 3 software.

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